About Us

From its inception, Gojoy has been a global startup, having team members in four continents since day one. Coming from developing and developed countries, we share the same objective: to build a new economy where services are decentralised and where everyone has the opportunity to generate wealth for their families.

We are incorporated in Switzerland (Zug), our operational headquarters are in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) and our development centre is in Shanghai. We also have presence in Berlin, Vancouver, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, Adelaide, Shenzhen and San Francisco.

Our Offices

Menlo Park Office
2735 Sand Hill Road, Suite 200,
Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
Shanghai Office
Wuzhong Road 1799 Building V1, Room 301
Shanghai 201103, China

Management Team

Steven Lin

CEO, American

Steven is a technology entrepreneur and investor with a track record spanning over two decades. He has invested in and founded over 80 disruptive companies in telecom, fintech, and blockchain. He serves as the chair of a non-profit bringing entrepreneurship to sixth graders in Los Angeles.

Tony Karrer

CTO, American

Tony has been defining technical strategy and leading the development of web/software solutions for the past 20 years. He was eHarmony’s CTO and performed this role for many startups. As a consultant, his clients include Credit Suisse, Citibank, Lexus, Microsoft, Nissan, Universal, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun and Symbol.

Mandy Qian

COO in China, Chinese

Mandy has worked in many top ecommerce platforms, and has diverse experience in the industry. She has experience in investment, operations, team management and also has a deep understanding of domestic and overseas markets. Currently, she is committed to helping manufacturers grow through joining Gojoy.

John Meyer

Chief Marketing Officer, American

John is a tech entrepreneur and investor who made it to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30​ list. He is also a technology analyst on news networks such as Fox Business News, CNBC, CBS, ABC, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, Cheddar TV and more.

Bin Leng

Managing Director in China, Chinese

Bin has been in business since 1995. He has over 8-years experience in traditional commerce and ecommerce. His track record includes organizing with his team more than 700 offline business exchange meetings in just 3 years. Bing has serviced dozens of startups in retail.

Peter Wu

Chief Growth Officer & Chairman, Canadian

Previously to Gojoy, Peter set up several companies offering online and offline courses on ecommerce marketing and growth hacking to more than 100,000 students. Peter is a Growth Hacker, who’s fought against major platforms like Amazon/EBay/Wish/Alibaba/Facebook to crack their traffic acquisition algorithms by generating social, viral, word-of-mouth organic growth. He is a data scientist with more than 15 years experience designing and implementing systems for retail and ecommerce.

Juan Vargas

Global Community Head, Colombian

Juan is a film & TV director and producer with experience in marketing and advertising. He has also worked in the sustainable development sector, focusing on poverty alleviation and self-sustaining cities. He has set up both companies and non-profits.

Xiuying Yu

Gojoy Community Director, Chinese

Xiuying is an expert in WeChat marketing. She has practical experience in team management and community formation. She is an expert at expanding online teams, viral spread and sales conversions.

Jasmine Shih

Sr Operations Officer, American

Jasmine is an investor and operations professional. She has over 15 years of experience working with corporations such as GE Capital, Applied Materials, Coherent and Microsoft. Jasmine has also worked in business development and raised funding for startups.

Bence Lin

Director of Gojoy Ecommerce Platform in China, Chinese

Bence is an expert in ecommerce operations and new media. He has over 10-years working experience in Internet projects. He n expert at marketing hot spots, hot sales and operating new media. He is focused on user growth and traffic monetization.

Athena Hong

Director of MBA in China, Chinese

Athena has over 10-years experience in training and education. She has chaired  a thousand offline educational events; having plenty of experience at being the event host. She is also a coach tutor for China Coaching Techniques, and she is the founder of Meichuang Culture Institute.

Xiahong Lin

Blockchain Director, Chinese

Xiahong Lin is leading the Gojoy Chain development. He is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer. He is the founder of Naka Chain and Bodhi Prediction Market. Xiahong has worked for Edmodo, Twitter and Tencent. He has a Master of Science from Purdue University, where he specialized in Statistical Machine Learning.

Rossi Ni

Head of ERP, Chinese

Rossi has over 13 years experience in ERP systems, and 5 years specifically developing cross-border trade ERP systems. He is an expert in ERP system development and integration with ecommerce platforms.

Joe Hu

Gojoy X Director, Canadian

Joe is an entrepreneur and investor in information technology with more than 20 years experience working in Canada and China. Before moving to the blockchain industry, Joe has invested in a couple of successful companies in payment processing, customer loyalty, social networks and hosting.

Ant Huang

Director of Post-sales, Chinese

Ant has worked for China Mobile and has over 13-years working experience in ecommerce. As an advocate of community and agency modes, he developed and launched many products on the Taobao platform. Where he also worked on customers data analysis and innovation management.

Michael Liu

Director of Investment in China, Chinese

Michael is an expert in supply chain integration for ecommerce; he has over 10-years experience in supply chain management. His own database has more than 100,000 resources of high-performing brands and factories on Tmall, Taobao and JD.

Alex Chen

COO in Australia & New Zealand, Chinese

Alex has more than 10 years of crossover extensive team management and operational experience in architecture, gaming, accounting and finance. He is expert in integrated resource management (IRM) and project management. With his trade resources in the ANZ region, he is working on expanding Gojoy to the global market.

Anthony Sun

Head of Kenya Project, Chinese

Anthony is a 26-year old entrepreneur with several successful ecommerce businesses he setup while in university. He is leading the exploratory mission to expand Gojoy in Kenya, currently laying down the groundwork for launching youth training programs and engaging local vendors.

Board Advisors

Steve Grasso

Board Advisor, American

Steve began his career working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and since then has worked with some of the largest global mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies and hedge funds. He bridges Capitol Hill, the SEC and public opinion through his vast network, keynote speeches in conferences and regular appearances on CNBC.

Roel Campos

Board Advisor, American

Roel served as Commissioner of the SEC for five years. He has raised venture capital, been a senior executive and operated a radio broadcasting company. Roel also served in the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles and was a US Air Force officer for five years.

Counsel—Tackett Bartlett

Shane Tackett

Counsel, American

Shane has diverse experience in legal consulting, international business, blockchain counsel, corporate formation, transnational litigation and market entry strategy. Shane is a co-founder of a crypto-assets arbitrage platform, a defense intelligence firm and a consultancy in the People’s Republic of China.

Ben Bartlett

Counsel, American

Ben Bartlett is the ex Vice Mayor of Berkeley and a serial entrepreneur. He lives in the nexus of government, law and technology. He is the architect of the Berkeley Tokenized Debt Offering (TDO) and was the Director of the California Clean Energy Fund.

Shahriar Hafizi

Counsel, American

Shahriar is a securities and blockchain expert. He provides regulatory guidance in FinTech, securities, hedge funds, venture funds, capital markets, electronic trading, privacy, information security and derivatives.