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We Do Social Commerce, Better.

Our most deserving shoppers improve their lives one nickel and one transaction at a time, by simply shopping with Gojoy.

Launched in January 2019, as a proof-of-concept, Gojoy’s platform has since evolved into an impressive and rapidly growing ecosystem.

1.2 Million


$30 Million


$8 Million

Cash Rewards

The press is bullish on Gojoy.

Upgrade your tomorrow.

Gojoy is the online marketplace curated for moms living in smaller cities in China. We offer more than bargains to price-conscious shoppers. Gojoy pioneered an innovative rewards program that pays hourly cash rewards to our members. From the nickels and dimes paid on every purchase, Gojoy is helping the most deserving moms create a better tomorrow for their families, just by shopping.


Joypoints – Beyond Cash Rewards.

Make a purchase – earn Joypoints. Become a member – earn more Joypoints each hour. Refer friends – earn even more Joypoints when they shop. Joypoints are more than cash. You decide how to spend your Joypoints. Reward yourself.

Shop with Joypoints

Use your Joypoints to reduce the cost of your next purchase. Better yet, save Joypoints and splurge for the high-ticket merchandise.

Cash in Joypoints

Save your Joypoints and cash them in directly to your bank account. Use that cash however you see fit.

Trade in Joypoints

Trade in your Joypoints for special offers from our partners at Rewards Mall. These unique offers are only available to Gojoy members.


Sell on Gojoy

Do you sell merchandise that you believe Gojoy members would love? Join the Gojoy community today! We’re looking to partner with vendors who are aligned with our mission and goals.
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Shoppers Love Gojoy

“Gojoy’s highest spender purchased over $25,000 worth of merchandise in six months.”

Seasoned Leadership Team

The leadership team comprises of entrepreneurs and seasoned retailers and technologists.

Steven Lin

CEO & Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of technology investments and business execution track record.


Glen Ward

Chief Operating Officer

Former CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group with 30+ years of diverse international management success.


Tony Karrer

Chief Technology Officer

Founding CTO of eHarmony with 20+ years of leading technical strategy for the likes of Citibank and Microsoft.


Xiahong Lin

Chief Blockchain Architect

Founded Naka Chain and Bodhi Prediction Market with engineering experience from Tencent and Twitter.


Arthur Li

Managing Director, Hong Kong

Extensive technology and international operations success with supply chain and enterprise customer experience.


Distinguished Board Advisors

Roel Campos

Former U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commissioner between 2002 and 2007.

Steve Grasso

New York Stock Exchange floor
executive and CNBC market analyst.

Alex Ok

Acting president and co-founder of the Forever 21 fast fashion empire


Visionary Founding Team

Peter Wu

Chief Growth Officer

Data Scientist by training with 15+ years experience designing and implementing retail and ecommerce systems for the likes of LVMH and Burberry

Juan Vargas


Long track record in marketing, advertising,
and content production focused on nonprofits, sustainability and poverty alleviation.

We are hiring!

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