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Gojoy Accelerator offers zero advertising costs for brands, sustainable income for KOCs, and for consumers, flash sales of authentic, best-selling products!

Gojoy is a decentralised ecommerce ecosystem where brands/vendors and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC)/Influencers can work together to drive shoppers from Short Video Networks (e.g. Tiktok) to a brand’s store. This symbiotic relationship is called the Sales Acceleration Network and it allows vendors to enjoy sales with zero advertising costs, while KOCs can monetise their followers. Alternatively, consumers can buy directly from our Gojoy Mall and enjoy up to 10% of their purchase price in our customer loyalty token, JOY. For the time being, Gojoy is only operating in mainland China.  

Accelerator for Vendors/Brands

Gojoy Accelerator helps vendors ride the new wave of traffic from TikTok Ecommerce. All our solutions are plug-and-play, designed to boost sales rapidly and with an efficient deployment of your resources.

Gojoy Members enjoy training and a set of consulting services that enables them to boost their sales through TikTok. They also enjoy hard-core discounts on add-on services.

Advanced Conversion Training: hands-on courses and training to understand how ecommerce is transforming and what you need to do ride this new wave.

One-on-one Consulting: our trainers run a full diagnosis of your business and recommend a tailor-made approach for you.

Black technology: a myriad of applications and resources that lift the heavy weight for you. These include but are not limited to multiple accounts management software, WeChat robot, automatic video editor and more.

KOC Matrix Sales: enjoy sales on steroids by letting an army of KOCs sell your products.

TikTok Account Launchpad: for newcomers, we help you get your accounts ready for selling and live streaming in one week—something that could take months otherwise.  

Short Video Array: professional production of at least 20 original short videos per month, showcasing your products and driving sales 24/7

Shared Influencer Service: get an established influencer to sell your products on her/his live stream. Live sales are the hottest trend in sales and with this service, your products are on the air 20 minutes a day, 30 days a month.



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PLAN A — Shared influencer SERVICE









For KOCs/Influencers

Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network is a game changer for KOCs, KOLs and influencers. Influencer marketing has been an unstable market, with few gigs available for a crowded field. As ecommerce is transforming, so does the role of the KOCs.

Gojoy offers FREE training on the new model. KOCs will not only learn about short video shooting and live streaming, but most importantly, how to actually sell! That’s right, nowadays, companies are going beyond branding campaigns and expect influencers to convert.

Most importantly, we connect KOCs to our vast network of brands and original manufacturers. Join Gojoy and you will get a guaranteed monthly base salary plus sales commissions.

Joining Gojoy is free of charge for KOCs.

For MCN Agencies

Gojoy represents a lifeline to MCN and talent agencies. Bring your KOCs on board and connect them to a nonstop stream of work. Our free training means your KOCs will be able to start selling on our network in no time.

MCNs get a fixed monthly income per each KOC they bring, plus commissions based on their sales. So you can focus on managing your KOCs and recruiting new ones.