Gojoy, Upgrade Your Tomorrow!

Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network offers zero advertising costs for brands, sustainable income for KOCs, and for consumers, flash sales of authentic, best-selling products!

Gojoy is a decentralised ecommerce ecosystem where brands/vendors and Key Opinion Consumers (KOC)/Influencers can work together to drive shoppers from Short Video Networks (e.g. Tiktok) to a brand’s store. This symbiotic relationship is called the Sales Acceleration Network and it allows vendors to enjoy sales with zero advertising costs, while KOCs can monetise their followers. Alternatively, consumers can buy directly from our Gojoy Mall and enjoy up to 10% of their purchase price in our customer loyalty token, JOY. For the time being, Gojoy is only operating in mainland China.  

Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network (SAN) 

Gojoy’s vision for the Sales Acceleration Network is a decentralised ecommerce ecosystem where everyone contributing gets a fair reward. Our mission is to create a world of zero traffic costs (no advertising fees), zero inventory cost (de-risking product innovation) and to eradicate counterfeiting once and for all.

The Sales Acceleration Network integrates three independent but complementary business models:

K2C: KOCs pitch products relevant to their audience, making live demonstrations and offering honest reviews. They drive traffic from their channels on SVNs to the brand’s store.

D2C: Direct-to-Consumers means vendors train their own KOCs to drive traffic home through live streaming on Short Video Networks.

C2S: Consumer-to-Supply Chain solves the leftover inventory problem by inviting Key Opinion Consumers to become the cornerstone of the supply chain. Collectively, they purchase all the inventory from the manufacturer/brand, and the latter pushes the products through whichever channel they use. The KOCs get fractional selling rights which guarantee they get their money back once the products are sold. 

K2C and D2C are being implemented in Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network test beta. C2S will be launched during phase two, once the first business model are delivering sustainable results for vendors and KOCs.

To learn more about the Sales Acceleration Network and a new marketing paradigm proposed by Gojoy founder Peter Wu, read “Dawn of the 5 As Marketing.”

SAN Beta Test

Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network beta test was launched on March 15, 2020. 


30 30
Tmall Vendors
120 million
Aggregate followers on Tiktok
Vendors enrolled in the “SAN Intro Course”
18,600 18,600
Items sold per hour (Max. Sales Velocity Achieved)

The Market

China is the largest ecommerce market in the world. It’s larger than the next 10 markets combined!

Ecommerce Market in China, 2019*USD 1.5 trillion
Digital consumers in China, 2019*855 million
Consumers purchasing directly through a social channel, 2019*25%
Douyin (Tiktok in China) daily users, Feb 2020400 million
Kuaishou (Kwai) daily users, Feb 2020300 million
Tmall vendors, 2020310,000
Taobao vendors, 202010 million
* McKinsey

The Press Is Bullish on Gojoy


Currently, Gojoy operates only in China. We launched the Gojoy Mall proof-of-concept on December 2018. Since then, we have evolved rapidly, responding to trends in the ecommerce market and the opportunities presented by the new 5G and blockchain focus of the Chinese economy.

Gojoy is headquartered in the USA and owns subsidiaries in mainland China, Hong Kong and Switzerland. The company operates through four separate business units:

Gojoy Mall: in charge of ecommerce and the Sales Acceleration Network (gojoy.cn, however, our users access it via our “Gojoy” WeChat mini app)

Gojoy SAN: the Sales Acceleration Network connects KOCs/Influencers with brands/vendors (back office access to members only).

Gojoy Learn: offers hands-on courses on K2C entrepreneurship and blockchain for business, as well as MBA programmes of American universities in China (users learn about the courses at learn.gojoy.cn and follow the courses via our “Gojoy Learn” WeChat mini app).

Joy+: member centre handling all token related issues (member.gojoy.com).

Seasoned Leadership Team

The leadership team comprises of entrepreneurs and seasoned retailers and technologists.

Steven Lin
CEO & Co-founder
Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of technology investments and business execution track record.

Glen Ward
Chief Operating Officer
Former CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group with 30+ years of diverse international management success. 3-year experience in China.

Peter Wu
Chief Growth Officer & Founder
Trained 100,000+ Chinese brands and vendors on marketing & growth hacking. Worked for top retail brands.

Juan Vargas
Chief Content Officer & Co-founder
Director and producer of live sports broadcast, indie films, TVC, websites, apps and print. 12-year experience in China.

Tony Karrer
Chief Technology Officer
Founding CTO of eHarmony with 20+ years of leading technical strategy for the likes of Citibank and Microsoft.

Vivian Ye
Managing Director, Gojoy Learn
New media marketing and PR experience in the luxury and education industries. LVMH, Swire group, Davidoff. Partner at Himalaya.

Lian Weichen
Managing Director, Gojoy SAN
Investor and entrepreneur with experience in influencer marketing and ecommerce.

Winson Cui
Managing Director, Gojoy Mall
15-year experience in ecommerce, including 10 years in Alibaba. Serviced tens of thousands of vendors.

Mandy Qian
Operations Manager, Gojoy Learn
Experience in ecommerce and education with focus on operations and team management.

Arthur Li
Managing Director, Hong Kong
Extensive technology and international operations success with supply chain and enterprise customer experience.

Alex Chen
Education Manager, Gojoy Learn

Distinguished Board Advisors

Roel Campos
Former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner between 2002 and 2007.

Steve Grasso
New York Stock Exchange floor executive and CNBC market analyst.

Alex Ok
Acting president and co-founder of the Forever 21 fast fashion empire.