Second Stop in our Africa Tour

Our next stop was Nairobi. The Kenyan capital hosted the Blockchain and World AI Show. The second leg of our exploratory mission confirmed our suspicions: Africa is ripe for our business model.

The continent is ready to begin a boom period for ecommerce and other industries where technology can help them catch up with developed countries. The young population is tech savvy and hungry for business.

Gojoy’s business model solves several barriers that ecommerce has faced in the continent. Our community crowdfunds large orders and places them in the warehouse, for instance, makes all deliveries local, shaving off weeks from waiting. We can also guarantee that they get the latest products, and not just have leftover stock dumped on African consumers.

Most importantly, our zero-investment for Storefront owners and the GHU with its hourly rewards are god-sent. While consumers in developed countries can shrug their shoulders at making a couple bucks a day, for a great part of the population in Africa that makes a huge difference.

In Nairobi and Cape Town we made the connections necessary to start formulating a realistic expansion plan. Africa, here we come!