Gojoy Coronavirus Blockchain Firewall

While Gojoy’s mission is to be an agent for change towards the new Fractional Economy Era, we believe that it is our duty to help out our community in this moment of crisis. With that in mind, we went to the drawing board and came up with our contribution: the Coronavirus Blockchain Firewall. The app, embedded in the Gojoy Mall, allows our members to track the health of their family and friends up to three degrees of separation. It takes less than one minute a day to input your health status and monitor your family and friends’ health.

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Gojoy Learn Launches Incubator to Speed up the Transition to the Blockchain Economy

Gojoy Learn has been offering blockchain for business courses since last fall. The hands-on courses are divided in three levels. The courses take students from zero knowledge to a practical understanding of what regular users can do with the technology today or to designing a business model that deploys blockchain. Additionally, Gojoy Learn has partnered with Patten University in California to offer the world’s first MBA with focus on blockchain.

Gojoy Learn is now launching the Gojoy Incubator, an offer specifically designed for businesses that want to deploy blockchain in their companies. The Incubator offers course packages that allows companies of different sizes to train their entire staff—some even including the MBA for the top management. It also offers one-on-one mentoring, as well as a B2B Connection Request service that allows companies to look for suppliers, partners or clients among the Gojoy ecosystem, and to meet with them in person.

Gojoy LEARN Beta Getting Traction

On November 16, 2019 we launched the beta for Gojoy LEARN, an initiative to introduce blockchain business to professionals as well as the general public. Gojoy LEARN has two offerings: an MBA with Focus on Blockchain offered by Patten University, and our own, hands-on, Blockchain Business Bootcamp course.

Gojoy’s Bootcamp is a three-level course created by no other than Gojoy founder and growth hacking guru, Peter Wu. The Blockchain Business Bootcamp is designed to take students from absolute zero knowledge of blockchain, to learning how to perform some tasks that use blockchain, and understanding how these tasks are related to their business. Students start by learning how to use blockchain-based apps that regular consumers can access today. By the end of the third level, students are able to launch blockchain businesses of their own.

Just during the first month, Gojoy LEARN has attracted more than 20,000 students. The conversion rate from first to second level is over 95%, so we can say that this educational initiative has a bright future. The third level will be launched in early 2020.

The MBA with Focus on Blockchain programme is offered by Patten University in California—one of America’s leading online universities. Gojoy co-operated in the creation of some of the courses. http://ow.ly/fk6830q5ibW

Happy Birthday, Gojoy!

On December 15th, 2018, we launched Gojoy’s prototype. A year later, on December 13th, 2019, we had the pleasure to celebrate our first birthday in the company of some of our members. They came from different provinces in China, some travelling thousands of kilometres in overnight high-speed trains, some bringing children and grandpas along. A good forty Gojoy members came just to give us a handshake and share some food and cake.

The gesture of these members touched the Gojoy staff deeply. When we floated the idea of inviting members to come to our one-year birthday celebration, we were not expecting any reaction. But they took our word for it. And here they were in our office, shaking the hands of each one of our team members, giving us feedback, talking like partners do.

Later, sitting among them, enjoying a Chinese banquet and exchanging life stories, the Gojoy team felt humbled. Sharing that moment with them was the perfect reward for our hard work. Their brand loyalty and the confirmation that we have positively impacted the lives of our members, was the best birthday present we could have asked for. Happy birthday, Gojoy!

International Blockchain Enabling Traditional Businesses Summit 2019 — Shanghai

After Xi Jinping announced earlier this autumn that blockchain had become a strategic technology for China, a wave of enthusiasm has swept the country. This has placed Gojoy in the spotlight. While still a small startup by market share and other metrics, Gojoy is a viable, living example of how blockchain can and will hack traditional business models. The fact that Gojoy can share millions of dollars with its community and still keep afloat, all with zero spending in advertising, sends a loud and clear warning to businesses out there. Disruption ahead.

Chinese companies, used to a higher tempo and more changes in the past decades than their Western counterparts, are beginning to realise that the blockchain wave is real and may be closer than you think.

The first ever International Blockchain Enabling Traditional Businesses Summit brought together private and state-owned enterprises, organisations of businesses, chambers of commerce, higher education representatives and government officials from various agencies.

The more than 600 participants came with the same objective: making sure that they didn’t get left behind in the economic transformation that is about to take place. First comers to a “blue ocean” business opportunity always get an advantage. Gojoy is sharing its business model, hoping to inspire companies to join the wave.

The Chinese Communist Party Digs Blockchain

It’s all about the timing. October 2019 may well be known as one of the turning points in the history of blockchain. After years of China banning ICOs and keeping the technology on a short leash, Xi Jinping announced publicly that blockchain was a strategic technology for the long-term development of China.

The news propelled the price of Bitcoin—which went from $7,500 to $10,000 in just a few hours. Stocks of companies that invest in blockchain have also been soaring since then. These developments prepare the ground for next year’s launch of the crypto yuan, which more than a stable coin pegged to the RMB, is the yuan itself on blockchain.

State media rushed to deliver Xi Jinping’s message to all corners of the republic. The subtext: China intends to become the world-leader in blockchain. Traditionally, Chinese governments analyse policy slowly and then act with lighting speed. And the time for acting has come. A pillar of China’s strategy is an educational push to make sure the country has not just sufficient trained engineers, but also businessmen and entrepreneurs that understand the technology and how to deploy it in business.

This comes as a blessing and a boost to Joy+. Gojoy Blockchain Online University’s first programme is currently on closed beta. The hands-on courses give an introduction to blockchain and then focus on how to implement it in business. Here is where the importance of timing comes in. We have been developing the courses for months because we are adamant about the role that blockchain will play in unleashing the next economic wave. With China giving us the green light, we are confident our programmes will allow us to contribute to the economic transformation ahead.

Heavyweights to Reinforce Gojoy

We are excited to share some good news with our community of Gojoy moms, students, shop owners, city partners and all our other members. As of this moment, Steve Grasso and Roel Campos have joined Gojoy as our Board Advisors.

Both Steve and Roel are heavyweights in the world of finance. Their knowledge, integrity and track record have turned them into opinion leaders. They are recognised and respected by governments, the media and the global investor community.

Steve has worked on the New York Stock Exchange and some of the largest funds in the world. He is one of the leading gurus in the financial sector, enjoying a broad popularity thanks to his regular appearances on CNBC.

Roel served as Commissioner of the SEC for five years. He worked at the US Attorney’s Office in LA. He was a senior executive and has raised venture capital.

Steve and Rael are fundamental in guiding our financial strategy, adopting a strict compliance culture in the company, and reassuring investors that Gojoy is in for the long haul. Having them as advisors will definitely help us make decisions that are wise for business and also deliver on Gojoy’s mission of empowering its community. We are that community.

Steve and Rael are definitely making our team much stronger. And remember: the stronger and bigger Gojoy gets, the more benefits for more and more people. A round of applause for Steve and Roel!

Startup Winner at Malta Blockchain Summit!

The Malta Blockchain Summit took place on May 24 and 25th. During the event, which attracted more than 3,000 industry experts, the Blockchain Battle took place. Fifteen startups from all over the world competed for the glory and the USD 100,000 prize sponsored by tech tycoon, Evan Luthra.

The jury panel evaluated the startups on different areas, such as impact, business model feasibility, innovation, traction and helping blockchain become a mainstream technology.

While the competition was tough, Gojoy came out on top thanks to its unmatched traction and the fact that it is perhaps the best use case of social impact in blockchain. The crowd were pleased to see a company that finally is bringing blockchain’s decentralisation and trust benefits to the masses.