Super KOC Contest

When Douyin made its pivot to ecommerce on July 1st, it unleashed a gold rush to occupy space in this newborn ecosystem. Having more than 400 million average daily users, the rush for Douyin ecommerce real estate is taking place at an unprecedented speed. The more noteworthy of all these initiatives is the “Super KOC” contest. It is the talent show to find who’s the king of sales in China.

Modelled after talent contests such as Britain’s Got Talent, the Super KOC contest aims to find the best sales influencers in the country. The contest lasts several months and has three different rounds that narrow down the competition. Participants get mentoring during the contest to improve their techniques and optimise their channels. For influencers and KOCs, Super KOC offers a quick way to increase the number of followers while they make profits from their sales.

For their part, brands can test new products or boost their bestsellers even further, reaching new customers that otherwise would be costly to reach. The contest helps them establish a working relationship with influencers while they make sales.

The Super KOC is a joint project by Shanghai Kumai New Media, Mangguo TV (Hunan TV network) and Gojoy—the technical partner in charge of the supply chain solution. We provide the products that influencers sell on their channels. With national TV coverage, the participation of top brands, an army of influencers, and the fact that TikTok is supporting the contest, Super KOC is giving Gojoy a boost in vendor and influencer recruitment.

The Super KOC contest kickstarts on August 20 and will be running until spring 2021.

Teachers’ Temple

ByteDance, the parent company for Douyin and TikTok, has announced that as of July 1st this year it will not be supporting links to external ecommerce platforms. This measure is aligned with its strategy of pivoting to ecommerce. Incidentally, it gives Gojoy a tremendous boost.

Gojoy’s unique position as an ecommerce enabler is helping brands take their first steps in Douyin’s ecommerce ecosystem. Our hands-on training approach is frictionless and helps vendors hit the ground running, guaranteeing they can start making sales within a week. On the other hand, Gojoy throws a lifeline to MCNs and mid-size influencers. This is ramping up demand for our services. Planning ahead, Gojoy has now launched it’s Teachers’ Temple programme, where professional trainers get a certification to onboard and assist brands joining the Sales Accelerator. After an initial training, teachers get access to on-going webinars and resources.

The Teachers Temple will allow Gojoy keep up with the speed that a tech giant like ByteDance can reach in its most daring stunt up-to-day: making a run for the money of Alibaba, JD and all the other established ecommerce players in China.

Accelerator Open Course: 10K Attendees Milestone!

The month of May has been wonderful for Gojoy. While in March and April the focus was testing the Sales Acceleration Network’s business model and user experience, May was the month to introduce the concept and our services to vendors.

Throughout the month we have been offering live Accelerator Open Courses. Vendors can join at no cost, and receive a 3-hour interactive class that explains how ecommerce is transforming and how they can benefit from this tectonic shift.

The classes are streamed live and delivered by no other than our own growth-hacking wizard, Peter Wu. Vendors can ask questions to the master and even receive advice.

The open course on May 19th recorded over 10,000 attendees! Filling up a sports arena is no an easy feat, but Peter’s way to engage his audience has sparked a wave of interest on the course and Gojoy Accelerator.

Ecommerce Reloaded

Ecommerce is undergoing a major transformation in China. 5G and blockchain are the technologies enabling this evolution that is bound to spread across the world. The timing couldn’t be better: the Covid-19 pandemic has delivered a severe blow to the economy, unleashing massive unemployment in both the US and China. By embracing the attention economy, where KOCs get rewards for driving sales, ecommerce can generate millions of jobs. See the full video to learn more how this transformation is unfolding.

Gojoy Accelerator Crazy Promotion Days!

Tmall vendors enrolled in Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network 3-month training programme have been making great progress in building up their TikTok channels. Some of the participants have already attracted more than 10,000 followers to their channels.

In order to boost sales to the next level, Gojoy will be launching three promotional events per week starting on May 24. This will enable vendors to test their channels and get a pulse of their followers appetite for products.

On Wednesdays, we’ll have the “Brand’s Fans Crazy Day.” This promotion is only open to subscribers of the channel, basically, the hard-core fans. This event will focus on cleaning leftover inventory, offering extremely low prices to bargain lovers.

On Fridays, there’s the “Friday’s New Products.” This three hour event is designed to introduce new products at discounted prices and get quick feedback from consumers, allowing them to adjust their pitch and promotional materials as they scale their sales strategy for this new product.

Finally, on Sundays, “Super Sunday.” During this event, brands have to select 10 other brands and promote their products in their channels. This is the core principle of the Sales Acceleration Network cross-selling mechanism. After the initial 6 hours, the independent KOCs get access to all the inventory that is left and can sell it through their own channels.

Gojoy Accelerator Beta Test

The Sales Acceleration Network is an ecommerce ecosystem of vendors and KOCs. It enables vendors to sell with zero advertising costs by driving traffic from the KOCs channels on TikTok, where live streaming flash sales take place.

The beta test was released in mid-March and we began with 30 Tmall vendors. These vendors are volunteers from a pool of 2,500 participants in the introductory Accelerator course. This two-day workshop is the first step in creating the Sales Acceleration Network. In the lectures, brands learn the basic mechanics of Gojoy Accelerator and from there they can enroll in the next course, where they start building their own TikTok channel and we train their in-house brand Key Opinion Consumer (KOC).

The 30 volunteer vendors have experienced first-hand the power of the Accelerator. As of April 10, the Sales-per-hour (SPH, items from one brand sold in one hour) record was 18,600. Not bad for zero spending in advertising! Not bad for the first batch of testers in a small network of just 30 vendors!

The 5 As Marketing Model

The convergence of 5G and blockchain technologies are facilitating the dawn of a new economic era. The disruption will start in the ecommerce industry and is being lead by China, whose ecommerce market is larger than the next ten markets combined. The 5 As marketing is the natural evolution of the 4 Cs marketing mix, which replaced the 4 Ps.

To learn more about how marketing is evolving in this new decade, read Gojoy’s founder Peter Wu essay, “Dawn of the 5 As Marketing”.

Hubei Government Offering Gojoy’s TikTok TOC Coaching to 10,000 People

2020 is going to be one of those tough matches. Right from the kickstart in January, Coronavirus scored and we’re trailing behind. Humanity suffered a blow, more than 1,700 dead and 70,000 infected as of today, Feb 17th. The Chinese economy is taking a hit, so the world will be affected.

This blow doesn’t mean the match is lost. This is just the beginning. For us in Gojoy, it is all about collaboration. Earlier this month, we reached an agreement with authorities in Hubei to offer 10,000 TikTok KOC Coaching courses for free. With the imminent loss of jobs and being quarantined, many people in the province and across China are suffering from the uncertainty and the impotence of not being able to do much to change their situation.

Our online course gives people the opportunity to study something at home. Furthermore, it’s a hands-on, two-week training camp that allows them to start making an additional income quickly. KOCs or Key Opinion Consumers are regular consumers that can earn an income by recommending products. TikTok is the fastest growing platform in the world, attracting 400 million daily users.

The 10,000 courses Gojoy is donating to alleviate the pain in Hubei will be distributed through various business associations, student organisations as well as unemployment relief programmes. The Hubei province is trying to get ahead of the economic impact the Covid-19 virus will have on its province, and the TikTok KOC Coaching will allow thousands of people to hit the ground running.

Rise of the KOC

Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) take centre stage in the new ecommerce trend where shoppers prefer one-click, impulsive purchases over endless product pages with more of the same. There’s a “blue ocean” with hundreds of millions of consumers that can be attracted with content that anyone can make.

There are no barriers to entry to becoming a KOC. All you need is the courage to tap the Record button on your phone knowing there’s a big change you’re gonna make an ass out of yourself. The best part is that, you don’t care! Hell, some people even aim for silly-nitwit because, at the end of the day, the folks that spend time on platforms like Tik Tok, Kuaishou and WeChat just want to be entertained. The reward for doing so is the viewers attention—and that is quite valuable these days.

Gojoy Learn is introducing the Tik Tok KOC Coaching course. The course is developed and taught by the one-and-only, Peter, the #1 Growth Hacking Guru in the world. The course covers marketing techniques, viral growth strategies and content production tips that help students get their own personal business up and running in two weeks. Read full article on Medium: