Teachers’ Temple

ByteDance, the parent company for Douyin and TikTok, has announced that as of July 1st this year it will not be supporting links to external ecommerce platforms. This measure is aligned with its strategy of pivoting to ecommerce. Incidentally, it gives Gojoy a tremendous boost.

Gojoy’s unique position as an ecommerce enabler is helping brands take their first steps in Douyin’s ecommerce ecosystem. Our hands-on training approach is frictionless and helps vendors hit the ground running, guaranteeing they can start making sales within a week. On the other hand, Gojoy throws a lifeline to MCNs and mid-size influencers. This is ramping up demand for our services. Planning ahead, Gojoy has now launched it’s Teachers’ Temple programme, where professional trainers get a certification to onboard and assist brands joining the Sales Accelerator. After an initial training, teachers get access to on-going webinars and resources.

The Teachers Temple will allow Gojoy keep up with the speed that a tech giant like ByteDance can reach in its most daring stunt up-to-day: making a run for the money of Alibaba, JD and all the other established ecommerce players in China.