Accelerator Open Course: 10K Attendees Milestone!

The month of May has been wonderful for Gojoy. While in March and April the focus was testing the Sales Acceleration Network’s business model and user experience, May was the month to introduce the concept and our services to vendors.

Throughout the month we have been offering live Accelerator Open Courses. Vendors can join at no cost, and receive a 3-hour interactive class that explains how ecommerce is transforming and how they can benefit from this tectonic shift.

The classes are streamed live and delivered by no other than our own growth-hacking wizard, Peter Wu. Vendors can ask questions to the master and even receive advice.

The open course on May 19th recorded over 10,000 attendees! Filling up a sports arena is no an easy feat, but Peter’s way to engage his audience has sparked a wave of interest on the course and Gojoy Accelerator.