Gojoy Accelerator Beta Test

The Sales Acceleration Network is an ecommerce ecosystem of vendors and KOCs. It enables vendors to sell with zero advertising costs by driving traffic from the KOCs channels on TikTok, where live streaming flash sales take place.

The beta test was released in mid-March and we began with 30 Tmall vendors. These vendors are volunteers from a pool of 2,500 participants in the introductory Accelerator course. This two-day workshop is the first step in creating the Sales Acceleration Network. In the lectures, brands learn the basic mechanics of Gojoy Accelerator and from there they can enroll in the next course, where they start building their own TikTok channel and we train their in-house brand Key Opinion Consumer (KOC).

The 30 volunteer vendors have experienced first-hand the power of the Accelerator. As of April 10, the Sales-per-hour (SPH, items from one brand sold in one hour) record was 18,600. Not bad for zero spending in advertising! Not bad for the first batch of testers in a small network of just 30 vendors!