Gojoy Accelerator Crazy Promotion Days!

Tmall vendors enrolled in Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network 3-month training programme have been making great progress in building up their TikTok channels. Some of the participants have already attracted more than 10,000 followers to their channels.

In order to boost sales to the next level, Gojoy will be launching three promotional events per week starting on May 24. This will enable vendors to test their channels and get a pulse of their followers appetite for products.

On Wednesdays, we’ll have the “Brand’s Fans Crazy Day.” This promotion is only open to subscribers of the channel, basically, the hard-core fans. This event will focus on cleaning leftover inventory, offering extremely low prices to bargain lovers.

On Fridays, there’s the “Friday’s New Products.” This three hour event is designed to introduce new products at discounted prices and get quick feedback from consumers, allowing them to adjust their pitch and promotional materials as they scale their sales strategy for this new product.

Finally, on Sundays, “Super Sunday.” During this event, brands have to select 10 other brands and promote their products in their channels. This is the core principle of the Sales Acceleration Network cross-selling mechanism. After the initial 6 hours, the independent KOCs get access to all the inventory that is left and can sell it through their own channels.