Rise of the KOC

Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) take centre stage in the new ecommerce trend where shoppers prefer one-click, impulsive purchases over endless product pages with more of the same. There’s a “blue ocean” with hundreds of millions of consumers that can be attracted with content that anyone can make.

There are no barriers to entry to becoming a KOC. All you need is the courage to tap the Record button on your phone knowing there’s a big change you’re gonna make an ass out of yourself. The best part is that, you don’t care! Hell, some people even aim for silly-nitwit because, at the end of the day, the folks that spend time on platforms like Tik Tok, Kuaishou and WeChat just want to be entertained. The reward for doing so is the viewers attention—and that is quite valuable these days.

Gojoy Learn is introducing the Tik Tok KOC Coaching course. The course is developed and taught by the one-and-only, Peter, the #1 Growth Hacking Guru in the world. The course covers marketing techniques, viral growth strategies and content production tips that help students get their own personal business up and running in two weeks. Read full article on Medium: https://medium.com/@juanvargas_39868/rise-of-the-koc-44a322fd22b1