Hubei Government Offering Gojoy’s TikTok TOC Coaching to 10,000 People

2020 is going to be one of those tough matches. Right from the kickstart in January, Coronavirus scored and we’re trailing behind. Humanity suffered a blow, more than 1,700 dead and 70,000 infected as of today, Feb 17th. The Chinese economy is taking a hit, so the world will be affected.

This blow doesn’t mean the match is lost. This is just the beginning. For us in Gojoy, it is all about collaboration. Earlier this month, we reached an agreement with authorities in Hubei to offer 10,000 TikTok KOC Coaching courses for free. With the imminent loss of jobs and being quarantined, many people in the province and across China are suffering from the uncertainty and the impotence of not being able to do much to change their situation.

Our online course gives people the opportunity to study something at home. Furthermore, it’s a hands-on, two-week training camp that allows them to start making an additional income quickly. KOCs or Key Opinion Consumers are regular consumers that can earn an income by recommending products. TikTok is the fastest growing platform in the world, attracting 400 million daily users.

The 10,000 courses Gojoy is donating to alleviate the pain in Hubei will be distributed through various business associations, student organisations as well as unemployment relief programmes. The Hubei province is trying to get ahead of the economic impact the Covid-19 virus will have on its province, and the TikTok KOC Coaching will allow thousands of people to hit the ground running.