Gojoy Learn Launches Incubator to Speed up the Transition to the Blockchain Economy

Gojoy Learn has been offering blockchain for business courses since last fall. The hands-on courses are divided in three levels. The courses take students from zero knowledge to a practical understanding of what regular users can do with the technology today or to designing a business model that deploys blockchain. Additionally, Gojoy Learn has partnered with Patten University in California to offer the world’s first MBA with focus on blockchain.

Gojoy Learn is now launching the Gojoy Incubator, an offer specifically designed for businesses that want to deploy blockchain in their companies. The Incubator offers course packages that allows companies of different sizes to train their entire staff—some even including the MBA for the top management. It also offers one-on-one mentoring, as well as a B2B Connection Request service that allows companies to look for suppliers, partners or clients among the Gojoy ecosystem, and to meet with them in person.