International Blockchain Enabling Traditional Businesses Summit 2019 — Shanghai

After Xi Jinping announced earlier this autumn that blockchain had become a strategic technology for China, a wave of enthusiasm has swept the country. This has placed Gojoy in the spotlight. While still a small startup by market share and other metrics, Gojoy is a viable, living example of how blockchain can and will hack traditional business models. The fact that Gojoy can share millions of dollars with its community and still keep afloat, all with zero spending in advertising, sends a loud and clear warning to businesses out there. Disruption ahead.

Chinese companies, used to a higher tempo and more changes in the past decades than their Western counterparts, are beginning to realise that the blockchain wave is real and may be closer than you think.

The first ever International Blockchain Enabling Traditional Businesses Summit brought together private and state-owned enterprises, organisations of businesses, chambers of commerce, higher education representatives and government officials from various agencies.

The more than 600 participants came with the same objective: making sure that they didn’t get left behind in the economic transformation that is about to take place. First comers to a “blue ocean” business opportunity always get an advantage. Gojoy is sharing its business model, hoping to inspire companies to join the wave.