Gojoy LEARN Beta Getting Traction

On November 16, 2019 we launched the beta for Gojoy LEARN, an initiative to introduce blockchain business to professionals as well as the general public. Gojoy LEARN has two offerings: an MBA with Focus on Blockchain offered by Patten University, and our own, hands-on, Blockchain Business Bootcamp course.

Gojoy’s Bootcamp is a three-level course created by no other than Gojoy founder and growth hacking guru, Peter Wu. The Blockchain Business Bootcamp is designed to take students from absolute zero knowledge of blockchain, to learning how to perform some tasks that use blockchain, and understanding how these tasks are related to their business. Students start by learning how to use blockchain-based apps that regular consumers can access today. By the end of the third level, students are able to launch blockchain businesses of their own.

Just during the first month, Gojoy LEARN has attracted more than 20,000 students. The conversion rate from first to second level is over 95%, so we can say that this educational initiative has a bright future. The third level will be launched in early 2020.

The MBA with Focus on Blockchain programme is offered by Patten University in California—one of America’s leading online universities. Gojoy co-operated in the creation of some of the courses. http://ow.ly/fk6830q5ibW