Heavyweights to Reinforce Gojoy

We are excited to share some good news with our community of Gojoy moms, students, shop owners, city partners and all our other members. As of this moment, Steve Grasso and Roel Campos have joined Gojoy as our Board Advisors.

Both Steve and Roel are heavyweights in the world of finance. Their knowledge, integrity and track record have turned them into opinion leaders. They are recognised and respected by governments, the media and the global investor community.

Steve has worked on the New York Stock Exchange and some of the largest funds in the world. He is one of the leading gurus in the financial sector, enjoying a broad popularity thanks to his regular appearances on CNBC.

Roel served as Commissioner of the SEC for five years. He worked at the US Attorney’s Office in LA. He was a senior executive and has raised venture capital.

Steve and Rael are fundamental in guiding our financial strategy, adopting a strict compliance culture in the company, and reassuring investors that Gojoy is in for the long haul. Having them as advisors will definitely help us make decisions that are wise for business and also deliver on Gojoy’s mission of empowering its community. We are that community.

Steve and Rael are definitely making our team much stronger. And remember: the stronger and bigger Gojoy gets, the more benefits for more and more people. A round of applause for Steve and Roel!