Gojoy connects brands and influencers to accelerate sales.

Gojoy’s Accelerator offers brands plug-and-play, direct B2B sales on booming short video platforms such as TikTok. MCNs and influencers of all sizes get a sustainable income and full control of their own sales.

Gojoy is a decentralised ecommerce ecosystem where brands sell directly to MCNs and Influencers, who sell directly to their followers. All brands have to do is upload their best products to our Supply Chain platform. That’s it! An absolute frictionless solution that spares brands from the pain of building and maintaining a new channel.

Their products are pushed to our network of MCNs and influencers, who select products they want to sell. They decide how to promote it, constrained only by the retail price set by the brand. Influencers will no longer suffer the lack of products to sell.

For the time being, Gojoy is only operating in mainland China.  

Accelerator for Vendors/Brands

Gojoy Accelerator helps vendors ride the new wave of traffic from TikTok Ecommerce. All our solutions are plug-and-play, designed to boost sales rapidly and with an efficient deployment of your resources.

For KOCs/Influencers

Gojoy’s Sales Acceleration Network is a game changer for KOCs, KOLs and influencers. Influencer marketing has been an unstable market, with few gigs available for a crowded field. As ecommerce is transforming, so does the role of the influencer.

We connect influencers to our vast network of brands and original manufacturers.

Joining Gojoy is free of charge for influencers.

For MCN Agencies

Gojoy represents a lifeline to MCN and talent agencies. Bring your KOCs on board and connect them to a nonstop stream of work. Our free training means your KOCs will be able to start selling on our network in no time.